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Sorry the help file below is outdated (vs.1.0+), ..although some is still true for version two, there is also some that is not. NEW help will be "coming soon!"   

This software has evolved over the last 10 years.  I encourage people to dive in, you won't break it. The basics you'll figure out very quick, but I don't want you to miss anything.. so here is some additional help to take control of your weather!

Part 1:  Top Menus
These menus load the selected information into the main radar view.

Abreviations- (N/orth, S/outh, E/ast, W/est).

Bottom Bar

30 Min = (Min=Minutes, HR=Hours), Select how often you want to update the main radar window above it.  In this case every 30 minutes.

States = Select all 50 states radars. CA.(n/s) and TX.(e/w) have 2 radars each. FL does too with "FL-s/outh" for monitoring the Keys and Gulf.

Region = Regions of the United States. NE/SW/Etc, - (N/orth-E/ast) & (S/outh-W/est).

GOES = Images from the GOES satalites. Some of the longest radar loops.

National = NWS, The National Weather Service uses very high quality images.

Tropics = The United States hurricane zone radars.

Global = Global Radars of all the continents.

Special = Is informational data for the United States ranging from Snow Totals to Wind, Flu Outbreaks, and Droughts.


Part 2:  Main Radar :

The main radar image area offers many customizables..

Depending on which source your viewing. If you right click with your mouse anywhere on the radar image you can start and stop the moving animation. 

Depending on what you are viewing. If you left click with your mouse anywhere on the radar area image, a popup menu will open with access to additional maps offering other information on that area. The check mark shows which view is currently selected.

Standard:  What is currently shown in the image on the right. The darker the color means the heavier the percipition.
Colorize: Gives you color info for the types of percipitation.
red=severe, green=rain, blue=snow, , pink=ice.
Enhance: Shows water vapors
Past 24hr: Percipitation Totals
Watches: Weather Alerts

Main Radar


Part 3 :  5-Day Forcast 
By left clicking on [5 Day]      ===>
Turns off the five day forcast.

Left click on todays forcast    ===>
Will also turn on & off the 5-Day.

If you left click with              ===>
your mouse on the white
listing of the 5-Day.
(example: Allentown, PA.)
A popup box listing will offer you
extended long range forcasts via
several different available souces.
Forcast <===      When 5-Day or  
todays forcast is   clicked/toggled you will
view the Alert Center,
Small Radar,Calendar,

<===         Search Engine     <===             Alert Center

Small Radars
Left click on the image to
switch between local &
 regional. Select the
location by clicking on the area top right of image.

Part 4 :  Alert Center 
Is a powerful weather alert warning system!
The info below is about these few buttons.     ===>
Green is ON and Gray is OFF.
[ON] means it's on.  [OFF] means Alerts are off.
[Audio] will enable a loud sound on new alerts.
[Mail] will enable new alerts be sent somewhere.
[3hr] How often new alerts are checked, every...
        1hour, 3hour, 6hours, 2x Day, or 1x a day.
Alert Center

<====  Click the empty box to recheck alerts.
<====  3hr = Checks alerts every 3 hours.
<====  Set an individual event or check ALL!
             PA = The state to be watched.
<====  Send the alert to an email or cell phone.
<====  Click "Send the alert to your cell phone"
              to get more information on setup.
<====  "Send web link" will send you a web link
              to get more information on the alerts


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