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Hello & Welcome!  ..would you like to learn more? 

This free weather software has evolved over the last 10 years.  Originally created for myself, the software now works all across the United States and includes radars and other natural events around the world into space.  I encourage you to give it a try, the basics you'll figure out quick and it may just help keep you safer for your next weather event!  There are a few features you might not find, so below on this page is all the information you'll need to fully navigate USA Radars Weather Browser software for Windows(tm).


  ~ Top Menu ~

This the top menu bar, select from the drop down menus what you want loaded into the Radar View.  (below)
Above the top menu picks you will always see the source of the image being viewed and the radar location picked. 
The light gray 'Please Donate' will change to 'Update Available' if a new version of USA Radars becomes available.
Right mouse click on the words 'Please Donate' to make the USA Radars Weather Browser run On Top (ON & OFF).
Right mouse click on 'Minimize' to turn (ON & OFF) the programs' partial visibility fade feature after 90 seconds.

Top Menu Categories,

30 Min =  (Min=Minutes, HR=Hours), Select how often you want to refresh the main radar window..
note:: The browser only updates when the window is or becomes maximized..
                select:  15Min, 30Min, 45Min, 60Min, 90Min, 3Hrs, or.. 6Hrs

United States = Regions of the USA.  Example: NE or SW - (N/orth-E/ast) or (S/outh-W/est)

A-M  = Weather radars of US States named AL-MN.  (Standard, Color, Enhanced, Precip, Watches)

M-Z = Weather radars of US States named MO-WY.  (Standard, Color, Enhanced, Precip, Watches)

GOES = Long loop enhanced Images from the GOES satalites and GeoColor Images.

National = NOAA-NWS, The National Weather Service precipication data. 

Tropics = The United States hurricane tropics hot zone radars.

Global = Continents and world radar loop.

Special = USA Extras:  Watches, High Temps, Wind, Flu, Lightning, Fronts, Earthquakes, Moon, Aurora,
               Stars Map, Solar Flares, Sea Temps, Snow Forecasts, Storm Tracks, Allergies, Pain Index, UV,
               Sunlight, Aurora Forecast, Weather News & Webcam Links, ..& More!

  ~ Radar View ~

If you left click your mouse anywhere on the main weather radar viewing window, a menu will open with additional viewing options on what's selected. A check mark will show which view is selected. A right click allows you to refresh all, stop image loops, and/or save images. Click on source to view the latest info.

Standard Radar: Example >>
Colorize: Precip by color
Enhance: Cloud water vapor
Past 24hr: Precipitation total
Weather alerts

Menu - (Bottom Right)
 Radar Checked
 Refresh View
Zoom: Zoom View
All: Refresh All


 Example Above:  Click your Left or Right mouse button to open additional menus.  (watch demo)              


  ~ City Forecast ~
 =>  Left click to view any current local weather alerts.

 =>  Right click to refresh the current weather.
=>  Left click to change your US City/State location.

 =>  Left click on the City name to see your hourly forecast.
 =>  Forecast last checked (date & time). Click to refresh.

 =>  Left click to enter a US zip code for extended forecast.

 =>  Right click to search for any US City zip code.
 Usa Radars


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USA Radars Weather Browser
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Bytes  -  6,541,312

Download the Portable Zip File
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Run = USA_Radars.exe

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NO Adware, Spyware, Malware, or Viruses!
100% Clean, Free Since 2008

(c) DRG Enterprises, LLC.     

    Software Change-Logs:

     Jan.3rd - New! vs.
     -  Sleep/Hibernate Auto-Refresh
     -  Minimize Low Power Mode Enhanced
     -  Disconnected Improved
     -  Added Refreshed Clocks
     -  Program On Top (On & Off)
     -  Faster Startup

     updated version
     -  Minor Updates
     -  Refresh All with Right Click
     -  Fixed Moon Phase & Sunlight
     -  Updated Noaa Links

     updated version
     -  Hurricane Outlook, SeaTemps
     -  Ozone, Allergies, Snow
     -  Noaa Radio & News Links
     -  Storm Tracks, Stars Map
     -  Fade On/Off  *(Right Click Minimize)
     -  Fixed Bugs,  ..faster speed

updated version
     -  Added Web Cams & News Links
     -  Fixed Refresh Timer & State Watches
     -  Added Warnings & Hour Forecast
     -  Added Earthquakes & Lightning
     -  Added Solar Flares & Aurora

     updated version 2.6.2018
     -  Added New Radar Loops
     -  Fixed Additional Bugs

     updated version 2.5.2018
     -  Fixed Forecast + 5 Day
     -  Added HTTPS/SSL Linking
     -  Additional Cleanup / Faster

updated version 2.4.2017

     -  Now 100% Flash Free!!
     -  Major Overhaul and Fixed Bugs
     -  Renamed "USA Radars Browser"
     -  Added Bottom Menu to Top Menu
     -  Fixed Long Range City Forcast
     -  Removed News Feed
     -  Removed Alert Center

     -  Added New Radars & Stats
     -  Added Save From Website
     -  It's Better, Faster, & Works Great!

       (please send in or post any bugs.)
                              - Thank you!   :)