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This weather browser has evolved over the last 10 years.  Originally created for myself, but others found it useful too.  I encourage you to dive in.  The basics you'll figure out quick.  There are some features you might not find.. so here is some additional information to help you navigate it quickly & keep you safe from weather!  Thank you for your interest! - DRG

Main Radar Window:

If you left click your mouse on the main radar viewing window a menu will open with additional viewing options on the location selected. A check mark shows what is currently selected. A right click will allow you to stop image loops and/or save images. Click on source to view the latest information.

Standard Radar: Example>
Colorize: Estimates the type of percipitation by a color
Enhance: Cloud water vapor
Past 24hr: Precipitation total
Weather alerts

Refresh:: Refresh Radar
Zoom: Zoom in Radar


 Example:  Left mouse button click menu on a standard radar loop.  (screen shot above)    (video here)

The Menus :
These are the top drop down menus that load your pick into the main radar viewing window. 

Above the top menus will always show the current source and radar being viewed. 
Right Click on 'Minimize' to turn ON & OFF the programs' partial visibility fade after 3 minutes.

The program version is shown at the right.  "Please Donate" will change to "Update Available" if there is one.

30 Min = (Min=Minutes, HR=Hours), Select how often you want to refresh the main radar window.
note: The browser only updates when the window is or becomes maximized.
                select:  30Min, 60Min, 90Min, 3Hrs, 6Hrs, 12Hrs

Region = Regions of the USA.  Example: NE or SW - (N/orth-E/ast) or (S/outh-W/est)

A-M  = Weather radars of US States that have names starting with A-M.

M-Z = Weather radars of US States that have names starting with M-Z.

GOES = Long loop enhanced Images from the GOES satalites.

National = NOAA-NWS, The National Weather Service precipication data. 

Tropics = The United States hurricane tropics hot zone radars.

Global = Continents and world radar loop.

Special = USA Extras:  Watches, High Temps, Wind, Flu, Lightning, Fronts, Earthquakes, Moon, Aurora, Stars Map, Solar Flares, Sea Temps, Snow Forecasts, Storm Tracks, Allergies, Pain Index, UV, Sunlight, Aurora Forecast, News & More!

 City Forecast :  
   [+]  <=  Left click to enter a new city & state location.
   =>  Left click on the City name to see your hourly forcast.

 =>  Left click to refresh the current and 5-day forecasts.
 =>  Right click to view your current weather warnings.


 =>  Left click to enter a US zip code for extended forecast.

 =>  Right click to search for a US City zip code.
 Usa Radars


Program information written to registry:

USA Radars Weather Browser
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     OCT 24th version
     -  Hurricane Outlook, SeaTemps
     -  Ozone, Allergies, Snow

     -  Noaa Radio & News Links

     -  Storm Tracks, Stars Map

     -  Fade On/Off  *(Right Click Minimize)

     -  Fixed Bugs,  ..faster!

updated version

     -  Added Web Cameras Links

     -  Fixed Refresh Timer & State Watches

     -  Added Warnings & Hour Forecast

     -  Added Earthquakes & Lightning
     -  Added Solar Flares & Aurora

     updated version 2.6.2018

     -  Added New Radar Loops

     -  Fixed Additional Bugs

     updated version 2.5.2018

     -  Fixed Forecast + 5 Day

     -  Added HTTPS/SSL Linking

     -  Additional Cleanup / Faster

     updated version 2.4.2017

     -  Now 100% Flash Free!!

     -  Major Overhaul and Fixed Bugs

     -  Renamed "USA Radars Browser"

     -  Added Bottom Menu to Top Menu

     -  Fixed Long Range City Forcast

     -  Removed News Feed

     -  Removed Alert Center

     -  Added New Radars & Stats

     -  Added Save From Website

     -  It's Better, Faster, & Works Great!

          (please send in any problems.)
                               - Thank you!